Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Happened to the New 106&Park Crew

Do you know what really happened to the New 106&Park host Shorty da Prince, Paigion and Miss Mykie? I just HAD to google why Angela was still "co-hosting." I flip from time to time and noticed. Sure, for those that are aware of their past relationship would have stayed tuned in to see how their chemistry plays out on camera. I commend the maturity. I always thought 4 hosts was a bit excessive! But there will never be another Free (when she wore the fro) and AJ (when he had that crazy fade and dreads). The buzz is Angela Simmons did her first co-hosting stint, it was BET’s idea to bring her back (after she was a recent guest) to test out her co-hosting skills with Bow Wow. Allegedly, they wanted to see if ratings spiked while Angela, Bow’s ex, was on the show.

Things must have gone well, because she returned for the rest of the week. And has appeared a few times since then. And in the TV world, when you see a celeb turning up more than once on a talk show to “guest host,” it’s almost always a situation where they are being tested out for a possible new slot on the show.

So if you read between the lines BET let go host Shorty da Prince, Paigion and Miss Mykie. Some sayBET did not give Pagion, Shorty, and Miss Mikey a real chance. While others think they should keep Angela it's a good look  and really didn't like four people being on there anyway.